The Second

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OWESIBILI (The Second) is an isiZulu short film with English sub titles.


What is The Second about?

Set in the year 1990, the Apartheid regime is ending yet in the province of Natal, two political movements, the African National Congress and th Inkatha Freedom Party were still at war. In the midst of the political violence, Kwandile, a former freedom fighter, is tasked by the Chief of the village with escorting his pregnant daughter, Nolwandle, to a safe haven when the threat of danger looms too close.


What is the film based on?

Inspired by the birth of the Christ child, the Prince of Peace. (Isaiah 9:6)


Where can I watch the film?

Click here to watch The Second, written and directed by Mpumelelo Kheswa with Siphokazi Khuboni as Nolwandle and Khayelihle Thusi as Kwandile.


Click here to see the original pitch.