Judging process

Internal judging

Our internal judges will score each submitted pitch on four different criteria giving a score out of 5 for each. The criteria will be:

  • Filmmaker vision
  • Production quality
  • Potential as a short film
  • Story telling skills

The total score will be used to rank the pitches and the top 20 will go through to the longlist. 'Potential as a short film' and 'story telling skills' will be given a higher weight than the other two criteria.

Public voting

The longlist will be made available for public viewing and voting. Each visitor may only vote once for a pitch and only after they have watched the full video. Pitches that receive a higher number of votes will stand a higher chance of going through to the next round. Votes will be examined to ensure automated voting has not been used.

After the public voting period has completed the pitches will be scored for the shortlist. The top 5 scoring pitches based on internal judging score alone, will go straight through. The next 10 pitches will go through based on their combined internal judging rank and public voting rank.

Industry judging

A handful of industry judges will rank the shortlist of films, placing a rank for their 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th choice. A weighted scoring will be applied to the rankings the pitches ensuring that wherever a film is ranked 1st, 2nd, or 3rd, it will go through to the finals.

At least six pitches will be selected to go through to the finals according to their rank.


The winner be selected by looking at the total of all scores and in conjunction with input from the internal and industry judges.