Na Trane -

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Na Trane which means “After Tears” in Afrikaans is taken from the ritual experience of the communal mourning process that occurs after a funeral service. The film is set in a closed knit community called Merrdivale surrounded by the dangers of the human psyche. It captures the fight for power greed and recognition at the hands of innocent people. This sets the tone for a film underscored by symbolism and elements of visual magic realism inherent to the backdrop of Merridevale. The main protagonist and anti hero, Xaviour is the local pastor who bides his time through prayer and rendezvous to the local shop. He visits the shop in the evenings to secretly play the lotto and thus gambles money meant for the maintenance of the Church. Lydia a single mother and son Benjamin a fallen prodigy, battle their demons on a day to day bases amidst the melancholy of life in Merridivale. Xaviour offers spiritual guidance to Lydia and Benjamin. Benjamin battles with Xaviours intentions and believes that Xaviour is trying to convert Benjamin to follow his faith. Unbeknown to Xaviour a trusted colleague is after his position in the chruch leadership by plotting to find dirt on Xaviours’s questionable habits. The local detective Mervin a married man is seen as the saviour to crime in Merridavle and undertakes his work at the expense to his relationship with his wife by abusing her serene nature. On a daily bases Xaviour secretly stores money from the maintanence fund to aid his gambling addiction in the hope of making more money from playing the Lotto. Unbeknown to Lydia and Benjamin Xaviour uses the money to allow Benjamin the opportunity of furthering his studies to escape a life of poverty and drug addiction. Xaviouyr is eventually arrested by information handed over to the power hungry Mervin by a trusted colleague who discovers that fraudulent quotes were created by Xaviour. After his arrest a letter of University acceptance is found by Benjaim stating that his studies will be fully funded through the secret help of Xaviour. Lydia later confesses to Benjamin that in fact Xaviopur is his father after a highschool romance that turned sour. Benjamin is both ecstatic and confused by these discoveries. Mervin who arrests Xaviour is considered to be the savour to the community leaving his wife tormented in the bath as she cries after tears of sorrow.

Biblical connection

Luke 12:33 “Sell your possessions and give to those in need. This will store up treasure for you in heaven! And the purses of heaven never get old or develop holes. Your treasure will be safe; no thief can steal it and no moth can destroy it. 34 Wherever your treasure is, there the desires of your heart will also be. This verse sums up the storyline of the Protagonist actions in changing his destiny by showing his love for a long begotten son by sharing his worldly possessions in the process cleansing himself of his past sins. The act of kindness is bitter sweet at the expense of his reputation as a holy leader in the political realm of his faith.


  • Protagonist: Xaviour
  • Young man: Benjamin
  • Nemisis: Lucas
  • single mother: Lydia
  • Pastor: Xaviour


  • Director: Mikale Barry
  • Producer: Michael Barry
  • DOP: Clayton Thom
  • Production Manager: Warda Maliick
  • Line Producer: Nicki Raypen
  • Writer: Selwyn Millbrow
  • Director: Mikale Barry