Hey Jude

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Hey Jude is a dark comedy about two lifelong friends and bandmates, Lucie and Mickey. They’ve been invited to play the sunset slot at a big music festival. The only problem? It’s a 15 hour drive, and the festival is tomorrow. A big time producer sends them a DM - he’s coming to watch and wants to talk afterwards. This could be their big break. They set off into the sunrise. On the way their car breaks down but, as luck would have it, they come across an abandoned car. The sun is setting. They decide to seize the moment. And the car. Just as they think they might make it, an old lady wakes up in the back seat. She’s clearly been left for death. They all get the fright of their lives – quite literally for Granny Jude. The women are left with a tough decision – follow their destiny or give up a dead granny and a stolen car. The friends are at odds – Micky wants to do the right thing, and for Lucie the right thing is to finally get their career and lives on track. Will their friendship survive this road-trip? Will they make it in time?

Biblical connection

Our pitch is inspired by Jude 1:9 ‘And even the Archangel Michael, when he was disputing with the devil about the body of Moses, did not himself dare to condemn him for slander but said, “The Lord rebuke you!”’ The book of Jude looks at the issues of false prophets and questionable morality, which made us think of today’s world of fluid morals, promoted especially by social media. In Hey Jude we want to explore these issues through Lucie and Mickey (loosely based on Lucifer and Michael, respectively) as we ask what to do with a dead body. The answer should be obvious but in today’s society of skewed and malleable morals, it’s not. How do we decide when something is right, if it wasn’t technically our fault, and it’s standing in the way of what we really want and need? But thankfully in today’s world we are never alone, never disconnected, and you only have to open your phone if you can’t decide – simply consult social media. We just need to discern the false prophets from the real ones. And after all, nothing is real if it isn’t on social media…right?


  • Lucie: Christine van Hees
  • Mickey: Marianthe Smart


  • Writers: Christine van Hees & Marianthe Smart