Highway Lovers

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Once upon a winter’s night a young widow named Ruth, was stranded with a flat tyre on route 62 in the Klein Karoo. Hoping for assistance she flagged down a vehicle and a young man named Boaz pulled over. He then gave Ruth a lift to her home – where she lived with her mother-in-law Naomi. En route to her house the two got to talking and slowly but surely and without warning fell in love… As the evening grew colder Boaz offered Ruth his leather jacket which she draped over her shoulders. He then dropped her off at home, at which point she wanted to return the jacket. Boaz insisted that she keep it and said he would fetch it in the morning. He was very determined to see her again so that he can ask her out on a date… When he went back the following day, Naomi answered the door and he asked for Ruth. Naomi was baffled and said that Ruth doesn’t live there. The man said that he just dropped her off the night before. Naomi said that was impossible as she has always lived in that house. So Boaz drove up and down looking for his lost love, with absolutely no luck at all… Defeated and heart-broken he stopped at a petrol station to fill up. To his surprise, he saw the jacket that he lent to Ruth draped over a bench at the petrol station but she was no where in sight… The love-struck Boaz is said to still roam the highways and by-ways of South Africa looking for his lost love. Visual Reference: Drive (2011) starring Ryan Gosling.

Biblical connection

The story is inspired by the characters Ruth, Naomi, and Boaz from the book of Ruth. I chose this story as it is one of the great love stories in the Bible and I love telling stories about love... with a little twist of course! The relationship between Ruth, Naomi, and Boaz resonates with my personal situation. I too have a girlfriend who is a widow and lives with her mother-in-law whom she loves very much.