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Never in the history of our freedom from apartheid in South Africa did we ever imagine that another form of bondage will occur. This time around, it is the bondage created by the widespread use of a drug called "Nyaope" (Heroin). The film crums tracks the story of Naledi, a 9-year old, impoverished girl who shares the agonies of her 19-year old, Nyaope addicted brother. Strong and firm in prayer, Naledi takes us through her brother's battles with this drug which is sold by an arrogant rich community member with a penchant for the finer things in life. With her daily struggles for survival, Naledi befriends the rich man's daughter, unknown to her that her brothers' agonies originate from the very same place that she is denied food, clothes and all the crums that are fed to the dogs or thrown into the rubbish bin, ignoring the plight of the little girl who appears to be suffering from malnutrition due to a lack of proper diet. And on the eve of her brothers' death from a drug overdose, Naledi intercedes for him with a strong appeal to Jesus to accept him and forgive her brother's trespasses. This coincides with the rich man's death from a drug deal that goes horribly wrong. While the brother makes his way to heaven, the rich man goes to hell but still refuses to repent of his actions.

Biblical connection

The story is adapted from the Luke 16: 19-31 bible chapter that tells the tales of Lazarus and the rich man. The story is influenced by the agony faced by many communities in the many sprawling South African townships who are faced with youths who are addicted to this drug called "Nyaope' which is sold very often by arrogant dealers at the detriment of the society at large. The underlying message is that we should not find our worth in money, or possessions or titles. Rather we should find our true worth through the Gospel. The reason the story was chosen is influenced by South Africa's youth tendencies to glorify the rich, irrespective of how the wealth was gained. In this country, crime proceeds are glorified more than people who earn a living through progressive careers. And as for the choice of characters, the girl is sourced out from a Youth Development called Realeka Youth Development in Soweto which is at the forefront of the development of emerging drama learners based in Soweto. The boy who is featured is a recovering Nyaope user whom we believe can play the part excellently considering that he has been there before.


  • Main protagonist: Lesego Koapeng
  • Supporting role: Naledi Koapeng
  • Main Antagonist: Madesheshe
  • The friend: Amo Rakau


  • Writer/Director: Oupa Maesla
  • Producer: Thandiswa Twecu
  • Camera/Editor: Zolani Alexander