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Having being unemployed for 12 years after graduation with her Honours Degree, Promise is living in the squatter camps and miserable. It is campaigning season for the upcoming elections and when she hears that the president is coming to her squatter camps, Promise is determined is put her culinary degree into good use and bake the president the cake-that he might not eat.

Biblical connection

The story was inspired by Mark 5:25-34, the story of the woman with the issue of blood. Having suffered for 12 years and have tried all doctors without healing, Jesus becomes her last hope, but getting to him was not easy. The woman did not just prayed, but took initiative and pressed through crowds in order to touch Jesus. The story for me symbolizes imaginable hard work and faith, and doing something out of the ordinary in order to realize your dreams. A job will be "healing" in Promise's heart as it will take her out of poverty. The initiative to press through the crowds and do something different in order to gain the president's attention is what is going to set her apart.


  • Promise: Brenda Ngxoli


  • Director: Minenhle Luthuli
  • Writer: Minenhle Luthuli
  • Director: Minenhle Luthuli