The Adversary

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The story of Philip, the sole witness at his parent's brutal murder, begins a life time long decent into the pits of hell, and at the bottom he meets an surprising hero, who the Adversary identifies as The Third. At every turn The Adversary has been watching, he is the murderer hiding in the darkness, the cops casting Philip into the foster system, the step parents abusing him, the psychiatrist gloating, the dealer giving him drugs and the girlfriend who breaks his heart. All with one nefarious purpose, ruined by the appearance of The Third who had been three steps ahead of the Adversary the entire time.

Biblical connection

Daniel 3 is the story of Shadrach, Meschach, and Abednego who go through fire and come out unburned. The Bible is full of themes where the devil miscalculates and all his actions leading to God's glory, all the way from the Garden of Eden to the crucifixion of Jesus. This story, the story of The Adversary, examplifies this. The dramatization of how in the moment the devil believes he is working for his own glory and purposes but things turning out in favour of God's people as said in Romans 8 vs 28.


  • Lead: Philip
  • Philip's dad: Richard
  • Philip's mom: Madeline
  • Murders parents: Killer
  • Investigates the case: Cop
  • Counsels Philip: Shrink
  • Abuses Philip: Step father
  • Sells Philip drugs: Dealer
  • Cheats on Philip: Candy
  • Antagonist: The Adversary
  • Saves Philip: The Third
  • Lead: Phillip


  • Writer/Director: Sozah