Crown Thee King

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Crown Thee King is a shakespearean drama set in the fictional Ropan Empire. A strange group of foreigners have settled on the empire’s boarders, turning times of peace uncertain. Around a campfire Ropan’s newly crowned king William, and his adviser Cordelia rest on their voyage to unveil their uninvited guests. King William having not seen the settlers himself and not knowing their true intent, must choose to extend an olive brand or a brandish sword, to a people he does not yet understand. What William decides, will polish or crack his legacy, but all is not in the hands of a king to decide.

Biblical connection

The quote that inspired Crown Thee King was "My God, my god, why have You forsaken me?" Matthew 27:46 What if kings wonder why God is silent? How surreal must it be to know that even at the highest point in the human hierarchy, a place chosen for you by divinity itself, God can not be heard any clearer. We wish to explore the impact of God's silence on divinely chose destiny and faith. The nature of the Father on the son.


  • Protagonist: King William
  • Supporting Role: Cordelia
  • Extra: Haymitch
  • Extra: Rolan
  • Extra: Montigue


  • Director/Writer: Juvae Sewpersad
  • Cinematographer: Sameegh Salasa
  • Costume and Make-Up: Jennifer Blore
  • Sound/Editor: Ben Jacobs
  • Producer/Sound: Mishka Titus
  • Production Design: Marc Petrelis
  • Colour Grader: FC Smith