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A musical animation with no dialogue surrounding the themes of hope and prophesy. Many centuries ago, a lone star gave birth to the human race, a prophetic warning said. One day your race will perish, unless one of you gives up his own life can break the ill fate of time. The year is 2119, the world is run by robots and computers. There are no trees, no plants and no music. The film opens in a church. The congregation is in a zombie like state, wearing VR patches, and listening to fast instructions. When a pregnant woman from 2019 stumbles into the church and gives birth in the church. She names her child Judha. Judha was supposed to be born in 2019 but his grandmother died of poverty and hunger when she was only 5yrs old. There is also a dark horse “Time” that has been travelling over centuries to stop the birth Judha. Judha has to travel a hundred years in the future be born and then travel another hundred years back to save his grandmother and give hope back to her people and there by hope back to the human race and planet earth.

Biblical connection

The bible verse that inspired me is Matthew 20:28 - Just as the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many. Judha, is like the Son of Man. Judha is like Jesus. In all my life, one thing I have realized is that nothing gives hope like a good gospel song, man you feel like you can touch the sky and break all barriers. The Film will be done is such a way that all audiences in the world no matter language or culture including the deaf & blind audience will be entertained and inspired because this story and the music will give you hope. The animation needs to be artistic but minimalistic, subtle & natural in a way that it becomes a global human story. If possible, I would like to add a sound track for the blind audience done a classic South African story telling style.



  • Writer: Portia Cele
  • Director: Portia Cele
  • Writer: Portia Cele