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Ntuli (54)is a grade one teacher who is faced with dealing with a difficult mother Helen (45) indenial of her son’s condition. Forster(9) has an undiagnosed learning disability that affects his concentration, verbal and motto skills. During a meeting between Helen, Forster, Ntuli and the principal, a stressed teacher interrupts the meeting to say that Helens daughter Anele(11) is suspected to have been kicknapped. Forster becomes alert to the news and he starts mumbling about two boys from the township. The grown ups panic but Ntuli who pays careful attention to what Forster is saying follows Forster who leads Ntuli to an unkept house. Two boys sit in the house with Anele unconscious. Ntuli alerts her principal. Forster walks straight to the boys and they welcome him and thank him for helping them get his sister. The boys see Ntuli and force her into the house. They reveal how they used Forster who by now is unaware of what is happening and how they plan to make money from kicknapping children. Luckily the police get there on time and Helen sees the importance of her child getting the help that he needs so that he is not used again

Biblical connection

This story is inspired by the ways of Jesus as he is described as a teacher in the Bible. His wisdom and guidance lead many great men to prosper and some perished. Modern day teachers are our “Jesus” who we rely on to help us with our children. They see their strength and weakness and if we listen to them and our deep intuition to guide our children, our children will have great and prosperous future. The title Reetsang meaning listen is also inspired by proverbs 19:20 “Listen to advice and accept instruction, that you may gain wisdom in the future.” simply put to listen to Ntuli so that Forster can receive the help he needs.


  • Teacher: Ntuli
  • Student: Forster
  • Mother: Helen


  • Lethabo Legodi: Scriptwriter