Chicken Town

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Long ago in Chicken Town lived the chicken community. Every morning all the chickens would go out, gather and sing to soothe their souls. The rooster was the only chicken that didn't believe in song. One morning while all the chickens from Chicken Town were out singing, a man from earth called "Mr Good Luck Guy" appeared with all types of musical instruments. Every chicken that was awake received an instrument as a gift. That morning all the Chicken Town chickens played music from the top of the throats. It was best musical festive ever. But the rooster was left out because he didn't believe in song. He heard the music from his greenhouse and that was the loneliest morning of life. The next morning the rooster had already learnt that there was something soothing in song. That's when he came up with his own song "The Rooster's morning song" And from that day on, the rooster became the first chicken to wake up and sing. And that's how the rooster song came about.

Biblical connection

The animation tale "Chicken Town" connects to the bible story called "the parable of talents", a biblical story about not wasting the talents that God has given us. In the "Chicken Town" story, the rooster had been wasting his singing talent only to learn to use his talent after the loneliest morning of his life. That's when he made up a song and decided to sing every single morning of his life.


  • Narrator/Voice Over Artist 1: Belita Andre
  • Voice Over Artist 2: Lerato Kunutu
  • Voice Over Artist 3: keorapetse Sedumedi
  • Voice Over Artist 4: Greg Shai
  • Voice Over Artist 5: Strider Mangala


  • Director/Animator 1: Scelo Mdladla
  • Character Designer/Animator 2: Iris Soda
  • Trombonist/Musical Director: Malcolm Jiyane
  • Sound Operator: Thuso Moloke
  • Editor: Bunolo Dlisani
  • Director/Animator 1: Scelo Mdladla