Under the Sun

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The story begins in a seminary lecture hall where there is a debate raging about the relevance of the story of David and Bethsheba in today's world. The lecturer paints a picture for the modern day students using the example of David Nkosi, the CEO of a media empire and Beth, a beautiful model and the wife of one of David's foreign correspondants. The lecturer invites the students to contemplate how David - a man after God's own heart- has become an adulterous man capable of murder and betrayal.

Biblical connection

2 Samuel 11 is the story of David and Bethsheba, a story that illustrates themes that are relevant in today's world, thousands of years after the original story was written. Themes that we explore in the movie will include: power, lust, greed, gender inequality and betrayal. The overarching theme of the movie is summed up by King Solomon himself: "There is nothing new under the sun."


  • Lead: David Nkosi
  • Lead: Bethsheba
  • Supporting: Lecturer
  • Featured extras: Students
  • Supporting: Yuri
  • Lead: David Nkosi


  • Scriptwriter: Niki Sarafidis
  • Director: Brett van Dort
  • Producer: Angela Balkovic
  • Sound, design, editing: Sarah McQuilliam
  • Cinematographer: Nicholas Bartlett
  • Production Design: Hannah Sieweke
  • Director: Brett van Dort