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Two brothers Esau and Jacob in a good loving family that believe in God and His ways, are both set to inherit the fathers wealth Isaac. When Isaac falls sick he realizes someone will need to take over incase he passes away so so he needs to decide which son will take over his businesses as his oldest son is not fit even though he should be next in line.

Biblical connection

My source for my story is from the book of Genesis 27 about the two brothers Esau and Jacob. The verse that inspires the story is Proverbs 4:23 “Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it”. When I first read this story I thought why would the mother of both these sons, be the instigator of deception for who should receive the ‘inheritance’ and then finally the revelation came that a mother truly knows her children best. She knew both their hearts and that if the firstborn receives the blessing ‘inheritance’ it might be worse off for all of them. So I chose this because I truly believe that our hearts are where everything starts and ends. And that sometimes we miss blessings because of a bad heart, so realizing our flaws and being better for everyone around us is better than living for yourself.



  • Writer/Director: Chantel Biyela