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In a showdown in a gang-controlled factory, a henchman will meet his match against a superior tactical police force. But a more critical question arises in the aftermath: is there mercy for a bad guy like me?

Biblical connection

I used the parable of the Good Samaritan because it directly addresses the question of neighbourliness. I translated this to the SWAT force in this film, who are clearly the good guys (as we see in many movies). However, Jesus used the parable to point out that his gospel goes beyond the "easy" good vs bad categories. The parable demonstrates how being a good neighbour is built on action and seeing others as equals rather than just expecting it from people. I think this short film complicates the expectations of viewers regarding action movies and the "good" they represent. While the protagonist Cal Rex is definitely helpful, the young man at the end rounds off the call to love others well



  • Director, Writer: Jesse Brown