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Ramsay tells the story of a middle-aged sheep trying to make it as a stand-up comedian in the big city. Set in ancient Israel, we spend a few days with Ramsay as he goes about his usual routine: pretending to be a human being, concealing his identity as a sheep, flipping burgers at the Falafel In, sharing a room with his huge Turkish room-mate, and generally being an underdog in a human society. His big opportunity comes at an open mic night - but his identity is disclosed when his robe tears open revealing his sheep’s skin underneath. Humiliated, afraid and naked, he comes to his senses and decides to return home to the rest of his sheep family, and unexpectedly meets a tragic.

Biblical connection

This short film is inspired by the classic story of Abraham sacrificing his only son Isaac, and the little ram that gets its horns stuck in the thicket. I imagined what the backstory of that ram was, and thought how apt it would be if he desired to become the most famous of all rams, but only in his death did he truly succeed.


  • Voices: The best voices on the planet


  • Director: Howard James Fyvie
  • Writers: Howard James Fyvie and Andrew John Phillip