The Second

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In 1990 South Africa, newly-weds Kwandile and Nolwandle prepare to escape the political instability of rural KZN to a peaceful farm where they can raise their unborn child. The newly-weds are accompanied by Mandlakhe, a holy man with an interest in the livelihood of Nolwandle's child. Before leaving a Mysterious Stranger reveals to Kwandile that the birth of their child will mean the beginning of a new world. Ignoring Kwandile's advice Mandlakhe takes a short-cut where they are ambushed by political radicals. One of the radicals identifies Kwandile as a former MK smuggler, to protect Nolwandle, Kwandile shoots the assailants and they drive off. They reach the farm as Nolwandle's water breaks, she is rushed inside by a mid-wife, Mandlakhe prevents Kwandile from following, Mandlakhe reveals that he doesn't care about Nolwandle and plans to keep the baby for his cause. Kwandile races to his wife and finds her with the newborn in her arms. In her final moments she introduces father to son, Kwandile holds him as Nolwandle succumbs to complications. Mandlakhe tries stopping them with a rifle, it proves futile as every shot miraculously misses. Kwandile drives off with the baby as a star shoots across the sky.

Biblical connection

The story is inspired by the events leading up to the birth of Jesus. I chose the story because I wanted to explore the concept by contextualizing it for modern times. The idea of a being of such power and magnitude in this day and age could make for a meaningful commentary on people. The story shows the lengths Joseph and Mary went to because of love and faith, proving their worth as the parents of Jesus. This isn't meant to be a simple retelling of the events of his birth though, this will be more of an exploration of the implication of the birth, there are differences like the modern setting, the role of his parents and the ultimate conclusion among others serving as diverging points so as to primarily explore the themes and characters. Joseph's perspective in particular interests me, the character of Kwandile serves to fulfil that role as his doubt becomes a well of inner conflict to explore in the character. With his ultimate decision of staying the child reinforces the themes of love and faith.


  • Kwandile: Khayelihle Thusi


  • Writer, Director: Mpumelelo Kheswa
  • Producer: Ziphezinhle Kheswa