Puah's Duty

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This is a drama set in a dystopia future, where an authoritarian state takes children from their families to raise them under the guise of a ‘For the future, for the state’ policy. A policy which, the penalty for defiance is death. Puah, a travelling nurse for the state, comes across an ill, but pregnant woman in hiding. Knowing the risk of defying the state, Push still takes on the decision to keep the pregnancy a secret and care for the new mother. However, Puah is discovered by a nosy colleague who threatens to turn her over if she doesn't do the right thing and hand the mother over. Things reach a head when the mother goes into labour prematurely and Puah runs out of time. This story is about the strength of an ordinary person in standing up against anauthoritarian regime.

Biblical connection

This story is inspired by a passage from Exodus 1: Shiprah and Puah, two Hebrew midwives who defied the instructions of the Pharaoh of Egypt to kill all newborn Hebrew sons. I was inspired by the part that these two women played in defying the Pharoah. It is a reminder that everyday heroes can be found in even the smallest of stories.



  • Director: Sandulela Asanda Biyana
  • Writer: Sandulela Asanda Biyana
  • Director: Sandulela Asanda Biyana